DIY Maintenance tips

4 DIY Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance can quickly become spendy when your car goes in for every little bit of maintenance. There is a handful of DIY basic car maintenance options that you can handle on your own with a little guidance and basic tools. Youtube is a great resource as it hosts numerous tutorials for the majority of basic car maintenance. It even has a few of the more complex tasks if you’re feeling confident. 

Knowing more about your car, and the services performed on it can help you manage stress levels when something does go wrong. It can also make you feel more empowered when it’s time to service the vehicle in the future. 

Car maintenance can prevent your car from breaking down, and causing an emergency in your daily life, and potentially breaking your budget. Sometimes, roadside emergencies are unavoidable, and for those situations, Rock City Roadside is ready to jump in and help. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day. 

Below are the 4 basic DIY car maintenance tips to help keep you on the road and not on the roadside:

Keeping your engine fluids topped off and swapping out the system filters will keep gunk and grime from building up in the moving parts of your car. Fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters are reasonably easy to replace once you do a little research.

You can search online or in a local library for your vehicle’s Chilton Manual for the basics. YouTube is also a great resource as it has plenty of mechanics that will show you how to swap fluids and filters. Most filter swaps are as simple as finding the location, popping off the cover, taking one out, putting the new one in, replacing the cover, and you’re done. 

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Keeping your car maintained regularly is similar to taking your regular medications. It keeps the car running in tip-top condition, reducing the chance for breakdowns, and avoiding costly repairs in the future. 

Doing your own maintenance is a frugal option for those who choose to be more self-sufficient. When breakdowns and other car emergencies do happen, you’re more likely to have an idea of how to fix it than if you were completely oblivious to the inner workings of your car. 

The more comfortable you are working on your car, the easier it will be to keep it running with fewer trips to the mechanic. If you’re interested in learning more than just the basics, you can also check with your local community college. Some colleges offer adult learning courses that teach more detailed maintenance options for your vehicle.

Frugal Money-Saving Maintenance

Doing much of the work on your own saves a ton of money. It may seem spendy when you also have to put in the muscle to make it happen. But spending $20-$60 on the parts and supplies, and a few hours to finish a maintenance task is much cheaper than spending hundreds on a mechanic for simple tasks. 

DIY maintenance will prevent larger issues from developing later and costing much more than the time and money it took to do preventative maintenance. The cost of a tow truck or mechanic trip alone far outweighs the cost of basic maintenance, no matter how you look at it.

Other Options for Preventative Maintenance

Many high schools and colleges have an automotive program. These are run by licensed mechanics teaching youth how to do basic and sometimes complex mechanical tasks.

These are usually for students who are pursuing a career in automotive mechanics. It’s less expensive than traditional auto-shops, so the job gets done, and your car provides an opportunity to teach someone a new trade skill.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Even with perfect preventative maintenance, emergencies can still happen. Emergency roadside assistance is available through most auto insurance policies. Towing services can also provide more than just a way to transport your broken vehicle. They can offer battery jumps, fuel-ups, locksmith services, and so much more. 

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