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Some people find that they naturally rise with the sun, while others prefer to work the third shift each evening. Unfortunately, car problems can happen at any time of day, and you need a reliable source for 24-hour towing services.

Whether you have children, elderly relatives, business clients, or others depending on you, it’s never easy to let anyone down. Choosing a locally owned and operated Little Rock, AR, towing service means faster arrival times and affordable pricing 24-hours daily.

At Rock City Roadside Towing Services, we continue to offer the best source for solutions that get you home sooner. Whether we need to take your car to a garage or deliver it to your driveway, call us today.

Each minute that your tow driver doesn’t arrive is another moment spent without the air conditioner along Highway 70’s shoulder. Choose the team that operates here in the Little Rock and North Little Rock communities for more dependable services daily.

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Little Rock & North Little Rock 24-Hour Towing

Some car problems prove minor enough to continue driving for a few more miles to the nearest auto repair shop. Unfortunately, other mechanical issues can completely disable your vehicle’s engine or battery, leaving you stranded for hours until help arrives.

We assist many area drivers every day with a broad range of common issues that leave you feeling hopeless. We guarantee faster, more reliable solutions anywhere in the area, helping you save on trustworthy towing and more service options.

No matter how late into the evening or how early in the morning, we always have drivers ready to assist. We can move more types of passenger vehicles throughout the community, and you can count on us for your best:

  •         24-Hour Towing Services
  •         Emergency Towing Services
  •         Flatbed Towing
  •         Local Towing
  •         Long-Distance Towing

Contact us whenever you experience a breakdown, and we will be there for you sooner than anyone else each time. See why more local drivers prefer our tow truck operators for their car problems and save more on professional solutions.


Roadside towing assistance.

24-Hour Towing Services

Even if you address every recommended vehicle maintenance item, things can still go wrong while on the road. Contact us day or night for your faster and more affordable 24-hour towing services, safe drivers, professional results, and more.

Emergency Towing

Sometimes, where your vehicle decides to stop isn’t the best spot for you or for oncoming traffic, causing a road hazard. When you need emergency towing services right away, you can rely on our drivers to show up sooner for help.

Flatbed Towing

Not every towing service utilizes a flatbed truck, which is the preferred choice for most hauling companies within the industry. Flatbed towing services ensure that more makes and models of vehicles can be moved without running into problems in transit.

Local Towing

They say that the majority of driver accidents occur within 25 miles of home, keeping us busy every day. Contact us for service to the nearest auto mechanic, residential driveway, office parking lot, and other nearby locations in town.

Long-Distance Towing

Somehow, deciding what to do with your car becomes one of the hardest choices to make for your upcoming move. Before you put more miles on your odometer, you can hire us for safe and affordable long-distance towing services today.

Little Rock AR Towing Services Near Me

Roadside Assistance Little Rock

You thought you were calling a Little Rock towing service, but they operate an hour away or even further. And when it’s already late at night, early in the morning, or a hot, muggy afternoon, you need help right away.

Our team is the most trusted name for 24-hour vehicle towing, roadside assistance, and more professional solutions throughout the surrounding community. Whether you have car problems on the way to school, the office, or your commute home, call our team first.

Sometimes, trying to coordinate a local towing company with the time you broke down can quickly start to feel impossible. Because you need to know you have found a tow truck close to where you live, we service areas throughout:

  • Alexander
  • Benton
  • Bryant
  • Cammack Village
  • College Station
  • Ironton
  • Landmark
  • Shannon Hills
  • Sweet Home
  • Woodyardville
  • Wrightsville
  • North Little Rock
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

A better quality of service begins by choosing the right local company for help. Hire the drivers behind Rock City Roadside Towing Services day or night for your best in 24-hour tow truck providers.

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